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Building Your Child's Future

Grow your child's college fund

one gift at-a-time - for only $0.99!

Instagrad helps you raise funds for college

Meet Isabelle. On her birthday, Isabelle’s parents used Instagrad to raise money for college. Instead of useless gifts, Isabelle raised $1,300 from family and friends.

Welcome to Instagrad, and a new way to save for your child’s education.


Curious to know how it works?

pick an event

Pick An Event

To start, pick an important event in the child’s life – say, a birthday, a dance recital or playoffs.

invite and share

Invite Friends

Next, you won’t want to keep the event to yourself. Promote the event by inviting friends and family.

Provide Updates

Get everyone involved by providing updates about the event via posts, photos or videos.

Grow Savings

Raise Money

Money raised during the event is deposited by Instagrad in the child’s college fund.


Sanjay B.

Saving for our son’s education has always been a priority of ours especially since the cost of a university education has been rapidly increasing over the years. Instagrad provides the perfect medium to give us a head start on saving. I particularly like that our family and friends overseas can contribute to our son’s education.

Sanjay B.Entrepreneur and Father of two
Guillermo C.

The way I see it, going to University & graduating without debt is simply awesome. As a new dad, I want nothing more than my son to get the best education possible & graduate without owing a single dime. This is why I use Instagrad!

Guillermo C.Engineer and Father of one


Security is one of the biggest considerations in everything we do. Instagrad takes our users’ security and privacy concerns seriously. We strive to ensure that user data is kept secure and that all information is encrypted and secured with SSL technology.